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NBC News Headlines

DHS Announces Border Wall Design Pitches Request

DHS announced online Friday that it intends to provide contractors an opportunity to offer proposals for the design and building of 'several prototype wall structures in the vicinity of the United States border with Mexico.'

North Carolina Billboard Turns Heads Proclaiming 'Real Men Provide'

A billboard in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, that reads 'Real men provide, real women appreciate it,' will be at the heart of a protest on Sunday after some in the community took offense to the seven-word sentence.

Iowa Pol Pushing Bill To Get More GOP Profs On College Campuses

Critics of an Iowa legislator's proposed 'partisan balance' bill say it is a political litmus test for would-be professors.

Cosby Case: Judge Will Allow Only One Other Accuser to Testify

A judge ruled Friday that one of 13 women prosecutors wanted to testify at the Bill Cosby sex-assault trial — to show a pattern of behavior — can take the stand.

Protesters Hold Vigil For "Missing" California Congressman

Protesters hold a candlelight vigil and hang "missing" posters for California Congressman David Devin Nunes after he refuse to hold town hall meetings. KSEE's Megan Rupe reports.