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Military Greeting for Master Sergeant Kim Nunweiler

Military Greeting for Chaplain Captain Daniel Carl Garnett

Military Greeting for Command Sergeant Major Richard R. Clark

Military Greeting for Major John Unsitz

Military Greeting for Major Preston Laslie

Military Greeting for Major Pam Fleming


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NBC News Headlines

People plucked from rooftops as Indian floods kill more than 300

Heavy rains over the past eight days triggered flooding, landslides and home and bridge collapses, severely disrupting air and train services in Kerala state.

Florida airport shooter sentenced to five life sentences

Santiago previously pleaded guilty to Jan. 2017 attack in Florida airport that left 5 dead, six wounded.

A far-right party may be about to topple a century of Swedish socialism

A party with its roots in neo-Nazism and white nationalism may be on the verge of an election victory.

Prison nurseries support incarcerated moms, but are they fair to babies?

Advocates say keeping infants with their mothers, even behind bars, is good for both. Critics say it's unconstitutional.

Weed killer in cereal? Maybe, but don't panic

A report by an environmental group disregards accepted evidence about safe levels of the chemical.