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Cooler, less humid Monday

Sunday won't be a washout weather-wise

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Eglin AFB radar going down for upgrades

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Another nice start to the workweek

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NBC News Headlines

Court Blunts Trump's Sanctuary Cities Crackdown

A federal judge has blocked President Trump's order to restrict funding to "sanctuary cities."

Lawsuit Filed Against Fox News Alleges Racial Discrimination

The suit expands on a suit brought by three former employees. Fox vehemently denies the allegations and called the new claims "copycat complaints."

'Denim Day': Standing Up for Sexual Violence Victims by Wearing Jeans

Get a good pair of jeans ready, on Wednesday they can make a big statement.

Top Mexican Official Calls U.S. Border Wall a 'Hostile' Act

Mexico's Foreign Secretary said the border wall won't work, and that Mexico could rethink security cooperation if talks don't go well.

Trump Blames Canada in Latest Trade Tiff

President Trump blames Canada in latest trade tiff — slapping a roughly 20 percent tariff on softwood lumber entering the United States from Canada.