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NBC News Headlines

Teenage Gunman Hurts Three at South Carolina School

One of the students was in critical condition and the suspected attacker was in custody. The suspect's father was found shot to death nearby.

Congress Passes Short-Term Government Funding Measure

The House joined the Senate late Wednesday in approving a critical measure to avoid a shutdown of the federal government.

Caught on Camera: Deer Tries to Jump Into Car

A Howell, New Jersey officer's dashcam captured an unbelievable encounter between a deer and a driver on a dark highway.

New article to look at Trump ties to Cuba

Rachel Maddow shares an exclusive sneak peek at a new Kurt Eichenwald article in Newsweek that will examine Donald Trump's business ties to Cuba.

Defense Calls Witnesses in Oregon Occupation Trial

The defense began a day after prosecutors rested their case on Tuesday by presenting 22 long guns and 12 handguns and more than 16,000 rounds of ammunition they say was found at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.