-A runner out of Fort Walton Beach, Ben Payne, runs 35th in the 115th Boston Marathon.

Boston, MA--Monday was Patriot's Day in New England, and among other things that means the running of the Boston Marathon. Several local racers taking part in the 115th running of that great event. In fact one of them even placed in the top 35 out of more than 20 thousand runners.Ben Payne, a 29 year old out of Fort Walton Beach with a time of 2:21, he was the 35th runner across the line out of 20 thousand plus, congrats to Ben on a great race.
Blaine Truman of Panama City in at 3-13, Kristen Corderman and Joe Corderman Junior, we assume they're related, about 8 minutes apart today.
The others, Amy Cantilina, James Parker, Diane Morris and Theresa Sullivan. Here are the exact times along with their ages and hometowns.


Ben Payne (29) FWB 2:21:01 (35th Overall)
Blaine Truman (27) Panama City 3:13:20
Kristen Corderman (40) Niceville 3:30:21
Joe Corderman, Jr. (49) Niceville 3:38:27
Amy Cantilina (42) Niceville 3:50:59
James Parker (54) Crestview 3:51:34
Diane Morris (52) Lynn Haven 3:52:14
Theresa Sullivan (50) Panama City 4:14:13

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