-Bay Point Invitational organizers looking back at a successful event this past weekend!

Panama City Beach, FL-- Now to fishing and the folks at Bay Point are looking back at another successful Billfish Invitational. Three blue marlins brought to the scales in the two nights of weigh ins Friday and Saturday, the biggest of them this 665 pounder brought to the scale Saturday evening by Russell Bailey aboard the Texas based "Pipe Dream". Bailey and that crew walking off with 206 grand during yesterday's awards brunch.
Panama City Beach angler Blake Roberts, fishing on the Destin based "Mollie" bringing in a 42 pound dolphin. That along with some catch and release money helping that crew to bring in 106 thousand bucks.
In all, just under a million bucks dished out to 20 different fishing teams yesterday.
Tournament Co-Director Chris Miller putting it this way, "you spend a year putting it all together, scripting the best scenario for how it all could work out, and the event couldn't have matched that scenario any more perfectly. From the blues coming in Friday, to the largest tuna coming on a 40-40 boat, and then knowing Friday a monster blue would be coming in Saturday." Chris says "you can always hope for those scenarios, but it almost never works out that way, it did this weekend."