High School Football

It's day one of football practice at Bay Monday, where head coach Frank Sorrells will be working with some 35 varsity players this season. This the second year for Coach Sorrells at Bay, so at the very least there's some familiarity between many of the players and their head coach.

Frank Sorrells
Bay Head Coach

"Well we're glad to get started. It's always hot at the beginning of the year getting started the first few days, it's kind of tough, but we're glad to be back at it. We hope to accomplish our basic offense and defense and we got some new coaches on board that we want to get established with the players and the first week or so is just establishing the foundation and then trying to go forward slowly as we go along with practice."

Coach Sorrells and his Tornadoes will play in 8 team 3-A district one. They'll host Vernon in a preseason classic on the 27th.

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