College Football

Florida coach Urban Meyer said in December he was quitting over health reasons, then changed his mind a day later, instead deciding to take a leave of absence, which officially ended Wednesday.

Tuesday was media day for the Florida Gators, and Urban Meyer spent some time talking about the fair amount of turnover on his roster, and how many new players have to step up for the Gators this season.

Urban Meyer
Florida Head Coach

"Yeah it's the year of development and accountability, and we're coaching as hard as we've ever had. Other than oh-7 this has been one of the newest, but I'll tell you there's a lot of talent running around out there. I think you're gonna be excited to see what that Florida team looks like, not now, now they're awful. But in a couple weeks they'll be pretty good.

John Brantley
Florida Quarterback

I know our team is really excited, it's been a long offseason. We want to get back on the field. We're tired of beating around on each other, we want to go beat up on somebody else. We're really excited, we're gonna have a lot of fun in camp. We just wanna play again, we just miss being out there on Saturdays, we want to get back out there, win some games, play some games."

The Gators open the season at home against Miami of Ohio September 4th.

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