To baseball and an update on Chipley product Karsten Whitson, a first round pick of the San Diego Padres, number 9 overall.
In recent days, the 8th and 10th picks have signed...number 8, Delino Deshields Jr. signing with the Astros for 2-point-1 million. Number 10 Michael Choice signing for 2 million, both those a bit higher than the average for their slots.
¶ So the leaves Whitson somewhere in the 2 million range in terms of his potential bonus.
Will he take that? Jaron Madison, San Diego's director of scouting, says the team is hopeful a deal can get done sooner rather than later. The clock is ticking, the deadline to sign draft picks is 8:59 p.m. Pacific Time this coming Monday!
Whitson who visited San Diego last week and took a physical there, does have a scholarship offer with Florida in hand. Once he enrolls there, he would not be elgible for the draft again until after his junior year.