High School football

For area high school football teams, the first week of Fall practice is wrapping up, and that includes over at Bozeman. Coach Tillman guiding just under 40 players on the varsity level for this 6th year program, all of those years under Tillman.
We asked coach how things have been going so far, and he seems pleased with how the kids are responding in these early workouts.

Loren Tillman
Bozeman Head Coach

"Oh great, we have had, this is our 6th practice since Monday and I really could not be happier. These guys have busted their tails and got in every single thing that I wanted to get in, in the time I wanted to get in. And it's their effort and how hard they're working that's making that happen."

Bozeman has to replace some big play names like Register, Wade and Grier, and Tillman's confident there are some guys ready to step up. The Bucks will play in that tough, 9 team 1-A district one, and are looking to improve on a 4-6 record of a year ago. Bozeman will host a jamboree on the 26th with St. Joe and Arnold taking part as well.

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