To baseball and these are going to be some anxious hours ahead for Chipley alum Karsten Whitson. Newschannel 7 Sports spoke with Whitson by phone a few hours ago, as the deadline to sign this year's draft picks approaches, it's set for 11 pm central tonight.
Whitson, the 9th overall pick by the San Diego Padres, is slotted to get about 1-point-9 million in a signing bonus, but it's a good guess to say he's shooting for higher than that, though he said he wasn't comfortable being more exact.
Whitson says they are still working on the negotiations, and he remains optimistic something will be worked out by tonight.
He tells me he's anxious to have this over with, saying he wants to know where he's going so he can mentally prepare to go there.
He says he's been running a lot this Summer, stretching, some throwing but basically working to stay in shape.
He still has that scholarship at Florida in hand as a fallback, and says hasn't even thought about the juco option, in case he doesn't sign with the Padres. We wish him luck with whatever his decision is.

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