High School Football

Let's check in on the high school practice field down at Port St. Joe High School, as the Sharks work through the rather warm days of Fall practice. Coach Vern Barth dealing with somewhere between 30 and 35 players for his 1-A team, which is a bit down for that program.
Still nobody expects the Sharks to be anything less than competitive, and after the first week of work, Barth is feeling good about the squad.

Vern Barth
Port St. Joe Head Coach

"....Very good actually. We got a young team and they're very energetic. And they're very coachable and they're working hard. I'm real proud of their effort so far. Definitely depth is always a problem when you don't have the numbers. We're gonna have to be in real good shape, a lot of kids are going to have to know more than one position for sure, they're gonna have to know both sides of the ball and know multiple positions and it's gonna take a little bit more effort on their part."

The Sharks will play next Thursday in a 3 team jamboree with Arnold and Bozeman at the latter's stadium, then start the regular season on the 3rd at Bay.

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