On the surface it seems like it would be an easy call for most of us, an offer of two million plus to play baseball.
For Chipley alum Karsten Whitson, that kind of offer from the San Diego Padres was not good enough, Whitson's turning down a huge signing bonus and going to college ball.
The 9th overall pick in the June draft was slotted right around 2 million in terms of where he was picked. The Padres offer was even a bit higher than that, said to be over 2-point-1 million.
Whitson and his agent asked for much more, and apparantly there wasn't enough middle ground to get a deal done, with the deadline passing at 11 p.m. central Monday night.
Padres G.M. Jed Hoyer put it this way quote, "I'll be honest, we're really surprised. All the information we had indicated it would be a really quick signing. I expected this to be done in days. I don't know what changed, but something changed. That's what's frustrating to us." unquote.
So now the question becomes will Whitson, who was 7-3 with 123 strikeouts in 55 innings last season for Chipley, take his scholarship offer at the University of Florida, or perhaps play junior college ball. If he goes to Florida, it means he can't be drafted again for 3 years, if he goes the juco route, he could play one season and then go back into the draft.

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