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Florida coach Urban Meyer said in December he was quitting over health reasons, then changed his mind a day later, instead deciding to take a leave of absence, which officially ended Wednesday.

To college football and an update on the Florida Gators. Urban Meyer still working his guys through two a days, still not allowing cameras into the workouts. After Tuesday morning's session, Meyer was asked with so many outstanding freshman in this year's recruiting class, if that was putting pressure on some of the upper classmen to practice harder to keep their spots on the depth chart.

Urban Meyer
Florida Head Coach

"So many ok freshman, they're not outstanding. With recruiting, that was back in January with all the media guys and all that kind of stuff. With so many pretty good freshman, it's good, we're playing 'em. But they're not outstanding.

(Question) Is it creating a sense of urgency with some of your upper classmen, I better get myself in gear...

No, we're not there, we're not there yet."
Meyer says they'll work through a few more two a days, then next week start game week type of practices.

The Gators open up the season September 4th at home against Miami of Ohio.

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