Florida State prepares for the Heisman hype

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla- The college football season is quickly approaching and the Florida State Seminoles will be one of the most talked about teams this year for two big reasons. The 'Noles have a new head coach after 34 years under Bobby Bowden and their QB, Christian Ponder, is a Heisman hopeful . The team says it's gearing up for a shot at history.

Ponder passed for 2,700 yards and 14 td's last year before he went down with a shoulder injury. His play was good enough to put him on the Heisman radar heading into his final season at FSU. Although only one player walks away with the Heisman trophy, but The 'Noles are approaching the race as a team.

"You really don't get a chance to play with a Heisman candidate to many times, and because we know he can't do it by himself." FSU wide receiver Bert Reed said. "He can throw it to himself and go catch it, he can't block for himself. It's going to take the defense too, because we have to win games. So, I think if we appreciate that and grasp that opportunity that we have we're going to do some great things."

"The Heisman trophy is really a team award. It really goes to the best player on the best team, and I can't without these guys," added Ponder.

His teammates know they need Ponder just as much as he needs them. "All eyes are going to be on Christian you know he's our leader on offense and we feed off his energy." Junior Running Back Jermaine Thomas said. "We know he's going to lead us to the promise land."

Ponder isn't worrying about the Heisman, he knows if they accomplish their team goals everything else will fall into place. "Really winning games is our number one game." Ponder said. "We want to go out and win games and compete at that national level, and the more games we win, the more those accolades will come with it."

If Ponder and Florida State want to get those wins, and the accolades that come with it they'll have to be ready to deal with the hype all year.

"Expectation is a part of being at Florida State." Head coach Jimbo Fisher said. "Hopefully we'll have guys like this in the future a bunch of times, I mean we have in the past. But the thing about expectations is doesn't get you an award, it doesn't get you a win. All it does is say what you're capable of doing, and I think the kid's got to remember what got you in that position. It goes back to hard work and just playing the game."

Ponder's Heisman campaign begins when FSU opens the season on September 4th against Samford.

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