College Football

GAINESVILLE, Fla- Down in Gainesville, plenty of fans expecting big things from the new q-b there, John Brantley.

He's taking over for Tebow, who could beat you with his feet or his arm, sometimes both. Brantley's more a drop back passer, but he's quick to tell fans not to expect the Gators to be a pass first, pass last kind of offense.

"We got too many play-makers on the field with Jeff Demps and Emmanuel Moody to just become a passing team." Brantley said. "They're great players, we're expecting a lot out of 'em. (question) Do you expect though to have a slightly different identity on offense than you did the last couple of years. Absolutely because as everyone knows I'm not the running type quarterback. But other than that, I don't see too much changing."

Brantley a junior this Fall, by all accounts he's looked very sharp in practice the past few weeks.

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