College Football

TALLAHASSEE, Fla- We continue looking at what's ahead for the Florida State Seminoles this 2010 season. Any coach will tell you it's a big deal to have a talented, senior quarterback guiding your offense, and that is certainly true of Jimbo Fisher.

He's thrilled to be going into his first season as head coach with Christian Ponder running things. It was no accident Fisher sat down next to Ponder for the team picture on media day, an indication of how close coach and QB really are.

"The guy's been around and I've personally coached him to the point of that being, he can almost finish my sentences." Fisher said. "So when he's around players, they know what he's thinking is what I would think as a head coach. I think that getting that message across is even better. And that he himself as an individual player has such great ability, the guys respect him. They'll want to play well around him."

Fisher, Ponder and the 'Noles now just over two weeks away from their opener at home against Samford.

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