PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla- As a way of preparing for this upcoming football season, P-C Beach's Convention and Visitors Bureau is hosting what is being called the World's Greatest Pre-Season Tailgate party.

That includes college alumni dinner parties, concerts, pep rallies, and a celebrity golf tourney next Thursday at the Hombre Golf Club.
Tim Rose

"With celebrities such as Ray Guy, Kenny Stabler, two former teammates with the Oakland Raiders." Hombre Golf Marketing Director Tim Rose said. "We've Derrick Odom former player from Alabama, we've got ten former Alabama players. We're gonna have a celebrity event, it's gonna be a scramble.

Troy head football coach, Larry Blakeney, is also taking part. Playing spots for that tourney 100 dollars. The Tournament is set for Thursday August 26th.

The money raised will help increase awareness that the area is still open for business, be it golf, fishing, and other tourism related ways.

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