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Former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden gestures as he speaks to a packed house at Central Baptist Church in Americus Monday.

Bobby Bowden's coming out with a book and in it he writes about some rather rather stark and what will be to many, surprising things concerning his departure from former Florida State. As Bobby prepares for a national media tour to promote his new book, he's granted an interview to Sporting News magazine, and for starters, giving these bullet points in that interview.
One he was fired, he didn't resign or retire. Two, his old friend and then FSU President T.K. Wetherell reneged on an agreement to allow Bobby to coach through the end of the 2010 season.
And Three, the coach in waiting deal with Jimbo Fisher was counterproductive...adding he believes the powers at FSU began
phasing him out once they gave Fisher that 5 million dollar guarantee to be head coach by 2011.
Bowden goes on to say following the loss to Florida last December, Wetherell called him into his office, and the first thing he told Bobby was quote "this ain't gonna be pretty, and it went downhill from there." unquote.
Bowden says he was told he had two options, be an ambassador coach with no real powers, which Bobby says would have been stealing from FSU. The second option he was told, they wouldn't renew his contract.
Bobby adds when told about a coach in waiting in oh-7, Bowden wanted Mickey Andrews to succeed him, and Wetherell said "that's not going to happen." Bowden then says he was never told about the 5 million bonus for Fisher guaranteeing Jimbo he'd be coach by 2011.
Bobby set to make the rounds on several network outlets starting Tuesday to discuss the book further.

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