High School Football

Our tour of area high school football practice fields takes us tonight over to Freeport where Jim Anderson and the Bulldogs are working to build on a terrific 2010 season. The Dogs going 9-1 in the regular season, winning the title in that tough, 9 team 1-A district one. They then made it to the state semi's, winding up 12-2 overall.

Jim Anderson
Freeport Head Coach

"Well we just keep working hard. It's a tough act to follow but the kids got a little taste of some victories there and some championships and they want to keep that up. And our kids know how to work hard and we're looking foward to playing our first games."

When you play on the 1-A level and are dealing with less than two dozen varsity players total, and you lose ten seniors, well then there is some rebuilding to do.
Oh it's going well. We've got some good kids. For us ten seniors is quite a few. They all played last year so we've got quite a few spots to fill. We've got ten seniors this year and they're working hard and we've got some guys that we're excited about."

The Bulldogs play at Blountstown Friday in a preseason classic, then have a bye in week one, so they don't open the regular season until September 10th at Milton.

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