High School Football

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PORT ST. JOE, Fla- We are finally going to see some high school football, and n this part of the country that's big news.

Several teams in our are are once again hoping for that magical season, filled with wins and great memories. The Port St. Joe Tiger Sharks one of those teams. The Sharks looking to erase the memory of missing out on the playoffs last season.

They lost to Blounstown in a three team district playoff at Liberty County last year, which sent Liberty as the district champ, and Blounstown as the runner-up, into the playoffs. That loss is serving as motivation this season.

"Couple of the guys were a little bit tired and winded and I heard a few of the upper-classmen say hey guys we didn't make the playoffs last year. We need to step it up and get better." Head coach Vern Barth said. "So it's lingering in their minds. The community hasn't let them forget it as well, because they expect good football around here and they won't settle for any less."

Port St. Joe will open play in a three team pre-season jamboree against Arnold, and Bozeman at Bozeman Thursday August 26th at 7 p.m.

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