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TALLAHASSEE, Fla- The Florida State football team opens up the season September 4th against Samford, one of Bobby Bowden’s former teams. That would probably make more noise in the college football world had Bowden not retired after last season.

As we all know this is the first year of head coach Jimbo fisher. He has instituted a different way of doing things in Tallahassee. Bobby Bowden delegated, and was a laid back as a coach according to players, where Fisher is completely in control, and hands on.

Bowden's style was pretty successful in his 34 years at the school, now it's time to see how Fisher's style will do. The team has totally embraced its new coach, and the players want to win some games with him.

“The whole team sees him. He's the face of the program, as we see.” Senior defensive end Markus White said. “Pretty much everybody is vibing off of him and it's more of a fast practice and everybody's getting reps."

“This is definitely a big year for the program.” Senior Quarterback Christian Ponder added. “We need to win some games because winning pretty much cures everything. It's important for us to go out and start coach Fisher out on the right foot. But it's my senior year, and I want to win alot of games, just like the rest of these seniors, and everyone else on this team."

The ‘Noles kick off their season opener against Samford next Saturday at home at Noon Eastern.

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