College Football

Christian Ponder may be FSU's best hope at a Heisman Trophy since 1993 when Charlie Ward last won it for the Seminoles.

It may be hard to believe but it is now game week! It's week one of the regular season for the Florida high school programs in our region, and it's week one of the season for the region's powerhouse college programs.
We'll start with the latter, and take it over to Tallahassee. The Seminoles will get the Jimbo Fisher era started, in terms of wins and losses Saturday when they host Samford!

Christian Ponder
FSU Quarterback

"It's the first game of the year. And a lot of changes, there's a lot of excitement in the air and we've been looking forward to this since the end of last year. It's gonna be a tough game. We know they're gonna come in, they obviously have a chip on their shoulder, they're the underdog. We're expecting them to play hard. And we're motivated to play as hard as we can. And we're not holding anything back, we're showing everything that we have, we're game planning everything. Our full focus is on Samford and we're just excited to kick off the season."

Christian's right, Samford such a big underdog, in fact there is no line on the game. That one kicks off noon eastern.

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