High School Football

Now to prep football and one of the openers pitting area teams head to head this Friday night, Bay at Port St. Joe. Let's begin with the Tornadoes, coming off a 14-12 loss to Vernon in their Kickoff Classic last Friday, leaving coach Sorrells with plenty to work on.

Frank Sorrells
Bay Head Coach

"...Well the kickoff classic was certainly a good learning situation. We certainly made some mistakes. We had a miscue on a punt return, we had a snap over the head, hurt us. Two big mistakes that led to two, both their touchdowns. And those are the things that we can't do. We get to the goal line and we can't get it in the endzone. All those are experiences we got to build on and correct and hopefully we can do better the next time out."

As for the Sharks, they're coming off two halves of play in their jamboree last Thursday. St. Joe losing to Bozeman and Arnold in those two halves by a combined 48-6, leaving coach Barth reasonably concerned.

Vern Barth
Port St. Joe Head Coach

"Ah well we took some lumps. We are going through the growing pains right now. We're slowly gonna work on just improving in each area, best we can each week. Hopefully after four or five games these guys won't be rookies any more. They'll be able to hopefully be a little bit more competitive."

Barth says he knows Bay has a bit of a numbers and size advantage, but given it's just the opener, and not a district game, he simply wants to see improvement. That game Friday in Port St. Joe set for a 7:30 eastern start.

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