Later this month, the folks at the Bay Point Marina will team with the Panama City Beach TDC to host the first Panama City Beach Sportfish Classic. Call it a makeup of sorts for the oil-forced cancellation of the Bay Point Invitational. The "Classic" set for September 24th and 25th with a guaranteed prize purse of 100 thousand bucks provided by the T-D-C.

Scott Burt
"Sportfish Classic" Director

"The fact of the matter is Bill started the Invitational with a gauranteed one hundred thousand dollars. It came out of the hole with a bang and that's sort of reflective back to how he started the Invitational. And that was really the catch. The entry fee is 15 hundred dollars per boat, very reasonable and a hundred thousand dollar purse. And it's split up 40 thousand first place blue marlin. And then evenly in swordfish, tuna, wahoo and dolphin. So very exciting, we're truly happy to be a part of it and I think we can probably build on this."

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