High School Football

We start on the high school football front, and looking ahead to the start of the season tonight and tomorrow night. For most teams it's the latter. Count the Mosley Dolphins among them. Coach Brown and his guys will host 1-A powerhouse North Florida Christian tomorrow night at Tommy Oliver.
Brown getting a fairly good gauge of what his team can play like last Friday when they beat Marianna in their preseason game 42-21.

Perry Brown
Mosley Head Coach

"I thought the kids played hard I was happy with our intensity all the way through with all the kids. Everybody got out there and hussled, we made some mistakes but we were going full speed, which kind of covered those mistakes, but it was the effort that I was pleased with and we got to play everybody."

Coming off that game against Marianna, Brown and his staff have to change things up a bit in their game week preps this week.

(Perry Brown)
"We'll see a completely different kind of offense. They're a spread type offense, where as Marianna was a wing tee, just run the ball all the time and we had to pack 'em in there on defense. This week it's gonna be spread a lot, we got a lot of inexperience in our secondary right now and we got a lot of juniors, I think they're all juniors that we're starting, maybe one sophomore, we'll be tested in that area."

The North Florida Christian-Mosley matchup by the way our Coastal Auto Detailing game of the week. It kicks off at 7 at Tommy Oliver.

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