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John Brantley thought the show was all his this season now that Tim Tebow is gone, but Gators coach Urban Meyer says Monday he wants to use a two-QB rotation this fall.

We're now just a couple of days away from seeing the debut of Florida's new starting q-b Johnny Brantley out of Ocala. He's waited patiently behind Tebow for the past 3 years, now it's his turn to lead Urban Meyer's offense. And suffice it to say Urban's pysched about the young man succeeding the ever popular Tebow. Earlier this week, that's what he told Brantley's father.

Urban Meyer
Florida Head Coach

"I texted him the other day, and I just watched the way Johnny managed practice and I texted him, and I'll share with ya because I'm awful proud of this, I said enjoy the ride, your son's grown up to be a man. And I hope I get that same text someday from someone. Because that's really cool, and that's the truth. What he's done the last year is exactly what we've needed to be done and that's he's grown up, he's the leader of the team, and he's Johnny Brantley, and that's good enough for us, he's
Johnny Brantley."

Brantley and the Gators kick it off at noon eastern Saturday, they are 35 point favorites against Miami of Ohio.

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