High School Football

Let's move it to the west a little over to the south side of Walton County. Coach Barron and his Seahawks hosting coach Wright and the Seahawks of Franklin. Sowal's #3 Jay Gotto nowhere to run nowhere to hide...The Franklin dee tough there, Cole Lee leading the way.
A bit later, qb Dylan Asbury in big trouble, treated roughly by C-J Barnes...Big sack. Sowal dee also coming up big, qb Dwayne Griggs looking deep, but he's picked by Andrew Priest...
-second quarter, it's the double pass, Asbury to Gatto, Gatto to Zach Parker, 38 yards td. 7-0 Later it's Asbury to Priest 15 yards to the 5, then Gatto powers in...South Walton on it's way to an impressive opening win 27-0.

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