College Football

To say the least it's going to be a huge second week of college football this coming week. Let's talk about one of the biggest matchups on the slate for Saturday. The top ranked Crimson Tide coming off a convincing win over San Jose State, and the opponent notwithstanding, it's safe to say Coach Saban's guys looked ready to play, and focused. This week, the opponent is a little tougher, the Tide hosting JoPa and 18th ranked Penn State. To say the least, the players are pysched about this one.

Greg McElroy
Alabama Quarterback

"Absolutely. I think everybody's looking forward to the opportunity to play coach Paterno and the fact that we get to play against the Penn State Nittany Lions. I think it's obviously one of those showcase games. It's a game you tell recruits about, it's a game I was aware of when I first got on campus. It's a game I've had circled on the calender for the past four or five years. We always kept saying I just hope coach Paterno's still coaching and everything, it would be great to compete against him. So I think all of us are really looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity that we have on Saturday."

By the way the status of running back Mark Ingram remains uncertain for the game. Saturday's kickoff in Tuscaloosa set for 6 central, the Tide's favored by 11.