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There's not much time for Bay to be licking it's wounds in the wake of that close loss to Mosley this past Friday night. The Tornadoes fighting tough, but coming up on the short end of a 25-23 score againist the Dolphins. Bay back at practice Monday with perhaps a little sense of urgency, you see they are back on the field to play Marianna Thursday night at Tommy Oliver. So less preparation time for that one. Regardless, Coach Sorrells feels good about where his team is as it preps for game three.

Frank Sorrells
Bay Head Coach

"Well I think we have improved each week. We improved from the kickoff classic with Vernon to when we played St. Joe. And I think we improved when we played Mosley, particulary on defense. We still have a long way to go in both areas. We're still not real sharp on offense as far as being consistent. We got a couple of things in the kicking game we gotta patch up and do things with. But I think we've improved, The important thing is we have to try and improve each week and I think we've improved each week."

The Tornadoes now 1-1 on the season, getting an opening week win over St. Joe. That game Thursday night set for a 7 o'clock kickoff.

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