Talk to anyone who's been out in the Gulf recently and they'll tell you the fishing out there is terrific. That's likely a big reason why the boat count for this weekend's first ever Panama City Beach Sportfish Classic is starting to move upwards!

Scott Burt
"Sportfish Classic" Director

"With 28 prepaid registrations for a Sept tournament I think that's a good thing. Particulary this year with the issues we've had related to the oil and the economy, the difficult economy. So we're pleased, that's great interest level and we're looking forward to an exciting tournament. And I think with the weather, the way it looks, the weekend outlook looks very good, so I think we'll have a good surge of late registrants."

Nobody exactly why the fishing is so good, but here's an example, our friend Jim Cox sending us this video from their catch and release win in the Mobile Big Game Club tourney over the Labor Day weekend, they released a sailfish and a blue marlin. Again the Sportfish Classic will send the fleet out Friday, the weigh in's 7 to 10 Saturday night, 100 grand guaranteed prize money up for grabs.

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