College Football

Last week's opponent is nothing compared to what the Seminoles face Saturday.

We start with Florida State football as the Seminoles look to start ACC play Saturday on a winning note. The 'noles coming off the nice rebound win over BYU, playing well in all phases of the game. Now that they've recaptured the winning vibe, Christian Ponder's working to make sure there's no repeat of the up and down syndrome the team played with last season, especially coming off a big win over BYU last year.

Christian Ponder
FSU Quarterback

"I think last year it was kind of a sign of relief. We go out and finally having a good game, after losing to Miami, and almost losing to Jacksonville State, we come up with this big win and kind of forgot about preparing, it was kind of a relief syndrome. And all of a sudden we got shocked by USF. I think guys realize it's the process of preparation that really determines the outcome of the game and that obviously comes from coach Fisher and what he preaches as the head coach. So I don't think we're gonna have a problem with that this year."

That Wake-FSU game Saturday at Doak a 3:30 eastern start.

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