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Come Friday on the 1-A level it's the district opener for a couple of district 2 powers, Port St. Joe and Liberty. They have had rather diverse starts to this season, the Tigersharks are oh and three, but have played the likes of Bay, Rutherford and Interlachen, all much bigger schools.
Liberty's two and oh, beating Bozeman and Maclay by a combined 98-19. Those results have Grant Grantham feeling pretty good about his squad heading into this district debut!

Grant Grantham
Liberty Head Coach

"They're actually trying to do what we teach them to do. You know, getting 11 guys to do what they're supposed to do all the time is kind of hard, especially when they're 16, 17 years old. So far we have done that, I think our weight training during the Summer and also during the season has a lot to do with it. And you know we do have some ability, everybody says we don't have much ability but we do, and they're working hard."

Grantham goes on to say nobody should judge St. Joe based on the Sharks losing those three games to start, he knows how well coached they are, and that St. Joe has good athletes who can compete on the 1-A level. Kickoff in Bristol Friday 7:30 eastern.

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