College Football

To college football and the big game up in Tuscaloosa Saturday.
It's safe to say coming up with a way to beat 'bama has been on Urban Meyer's mind ever since last year's loss in the SEC title game, though he's not let that distract the team this season.

Urban Meyer
Florida Head Coach

¶"We even had a discussion about whether we should have a week in training camp for Alabama. Should we take a day (or) a week to have that Alabama day and for a while there, I thought about doing that until I flipped on the film and saw how poor we were to start worrying about Alabama. We better just figure out a way to catch the ball, put it away and not fumble. I think our coaches have done a good job. There has been no discussion about that and we are just trying to do the best we can to get a little better - if we get a little better this week, we will have a shot."

Florida certainly improving big time between games 3 and 4. Kickoff in Tuscaloosa Saturday night 7 central.