College Football

Over to the SEC and a check on the Auburn Tigers, who are getting set for a game outside the conference, they'll host Louisiana Monroe Saturday. The Tigers take a perfect four and oh mark into that one, following the come from behind win over the Gamecocks.
Certainly q-b Cam Newton emerging as a star for Auburn. The defense could play better, but it's been adequate and certainly there's plenty of reason for optimism in Auburn land.

Gene Chizik
Auburn Head Coach

"I really believe that every week it's not necessarily about the opponent, it's really about Auburn. And you know our message to our team is we gotta focus on getting Auburn better. What were you not good at Saturday night, individually and what were you not good at as a team, as a team. And that's what we gotta work, every day, to get fixed.

This Saturday's game will be Auburn's first morning kickoff, 11 am central. Tigers favored by 35 in that one.

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