Now to another check in on some of this region's more famous guests these days, the Miami Heat. They continue their two a day workouts over at the Aderholt Gym as guests of the First Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field! A practice in the morning hours, another practice in the afternoon. Many folks wondering just what kind of access the base personnel have to the Heat workouts and the players themselves, and there is some chance from them to mingle.

1Lt. Belena Marquez
Hurlburt Spokesperson

"Well right now we have certain areas of the Aderholt closed, just for the Heat's practice. So they aren't interrupted. But areas like the weight room and those sorts of things are still open because we are professionals. They are professional basketball players, and famous in their own right but we have a mission that is our top priority. So though folks may want to do the looky-loo they're actually pretty on their parade, to make sure they represent the Air Force well."

As you can see, plenty of media on hand, despite the strict guidelines to get on the base. Lebron, Wade and company will continue working out at Hurlburt through Saturday, then head back to South Florida. Their first preseason game comes next Tuesday at home against the Pistons.