College Football

Now to college ball and that rather big game in the SEC come Saturday night, 7th ranked Florida at number one Alabama.
¶ One of the big matchups in that one, that Alabama offensive line against the Florida defensive front.
The Tide proving this season their ground game, is tough to stop, just ask the Hogs.
Urban Meyer was asked earlier this week what's the best way to stop such a seemingly unstoppable force.

Urban Meyer
Florida Head Coach

"Well you try to recruit good players on the defensive line and I think we've done that. We got some big cats on that defensive line right now so you'll, I mean that doesn't mean you'll negate it, it means it should be a good battle of college football. And we have to be ready. I told you the most difficult thing is not that your just getting pounded, is that you're leaving someone one on one with a six foot six or whatever he is, a great athlete at receiver. So that's the balancing game we're gonna have to play. We're gonna have to play at a very high level because their offensive line is very good."

Meyer and the Gators also giving the Tide defensive coaches another wrinkle to worry about, namely freshman Trey Burton, who can line up as a receiver, tight end, running back fullback and yes, at qb, and has been quite effective in all those spots. That game Saturday night 7 central.