High School Football

ECI Bulldogs

On to another prep matchup set for tomorrow night and an interesting one set for Liberty. Marianna, struggling a bit at 1-3 heads down to Bristol to take on 3-0 Liberty. The latter with wins over Bozeman, Maclay and St. Joe, with a combined score of 126-25, so these dogs are clicking.
As for this matchup, 1-A Liberty hosting a team up in class in 2-B Marianna.
So naturally it's not a district game, but that doesn't mean Grant Grantham's going to slack up a bit in prepping for Friday night's contest.

Grant Grantham
Liberty Head Coach

"...Well Scott we wanna get better every week, we wanna win every game of course and we do wanna get better at a lot of things. It wouldn't matter who we were playing that's kind of how we would approach it. You know I thought we played pretty well on defense but we can play better still, there were 16, 17 mistakes that were made that we're going to try and correct. Offensively I don't think we played that well last week so obviously we spent a lot of time on offense this week."

The Mosley and Marianna-Liberty matchups a couple of several area games we'll be featuring tomorrow night on Friday Night Overtime, so watch for those.

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