Juco Basketball

NICEVILLE, Fla- Believe it or not, Friday was the first official day of practice for junior college teams around the state and that means area juco squads all on the floor at one time or another today. That includes the men's team of Northwest Florida State. That unit dealing with a rather tough set of circumstances as the season gets going.

As many of you know, Raiders head coach Bruce Stewart is down in Gainesville being treated for a brain tumor, he's sitting out this season. That means former assistant Joe Richardson's the interim head coach for this year, and to say the least, this is a tough way to make your head coaching debut!

"We definitely want to continue to hold up the bar that's been set." Richardson said. "That is, we have talked about this being a year for coach Stewart, and I think that's gonna help me motivate 'em from time to time throughout the year, to remind them that hey our coach is fighting, and we need to be fighting too, on the court."

The Raiders will scrimmage at Chipola over the weekend. The regular season opener a month away, on November first.

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