Bowden's Future

Rumors have been running rampant about Bobby Bowden's future, and the possibility him leaving Florida State in the next several days. As of tonight, it appears those rumors really have no truth, and that Coach Bowden will be in Tallahassee for at least one more year.

Sources in Tallahassee tell us Bowden and the school are close to agreeing to some kind of contract extension, one or two years, in the 2-point 5 million dollar range.

Bowden's current contract expires in January and there was speculation that the winningest coach in major college football may be set to retire, especially after his request for a five year extension was apparently turned down.

What we're hearing is that this shorter extension includes a balloon payment at the time of Bowden's retirement, something in the neighborhood of two million dollars.

We're also hearing that F-S-U is working with Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher to guarantee fisher that he'll succeed Bowden when bobby steps aside. Fisher's name is getting tossed around in relation to other head coaching jobs, in particular, the Georgia Tech job.

Obviously F-S-U wants to keep him around, and this short extension for Bobby and a guarantee to Fisher is perhaps the way to do that.

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