Boo Weekley off to good start as he works his way back to the Tour.

Panama City Beach, FL--The opening round of this week's Q-School event at the Hombre Golf Club today was a good one for former tour player Boo Weekley. He is just a couple of shots off the lead pace with a 3 under 68. The Milton native lost his card in large part due to a shoulder injury that required surgery late last Spring, and we talked with Boo about that Tuesday. Boo saying "I ain't quite there yet but it won't be long, just a lot more hard work. The last two years I hadn't been able to practice much. I've been struggling a little bit with my putter, just trying to get it back. I lost a little feeling in my left side and now I'm trying to get the feeling back, just hope I can get it back, but it's a slow process."

Weekley made quite a splash on Tour with wins in '07 and '08, then with the U.S. Ryder Cup team in 2008. So he knows what it takes to play on the highest level and he wants more of it.

"I wanna get back there, it ain't a mindset. It's a will to go out and do it and play well. This whole game it will beat you down, and it's a very humbling game. One minute you're on top and the next you can't find it. So you just gotta go out believe in what you're doing. When you practice you practice what you believe in and then when you take it to the golf course, you just keep working on what you practice. That's why we practice as hard as we do out here, to get to where we're going."
Again Boo with a good start Wednesday, at 3 under. 3 more rounds to go. Here is a link to the rest of day one's scores at the Hombre.

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