17 Local Lifters Qualify for State

Panama City Beach, FL--Scores of local weightlifters took a shot at punching their ticket to state Tuesday at Arnold, and in fact 17 of them did just that.

Arnold hosting the district 1 girl's weightlifting sectional Tuesday afternoon, with 17 teams from all across the Panhandle competing.

The top three lifters in each weight class moves on to the state tournament next month in Kissimmee.

Mosley leading the way in terms of the most state qualifiers with 7, Arnold and Altha up next with three each. Here is a list of all area lifters who advanced to state in Tuesday's Sectional at Arnold

101 Pound Class Total
1.) Malory Walter Mosley 185

110 Pound Class
1.) Shannon Purple Bozeman 220
3.) Katherine Daniel Mosley 205

119 Pound Class
1.) Shannon Hutio Mosley 230
2.) Hayley Flynn Rutherford 210

129 Pound Class
1.) Morgan Allen Altha 295
2.) Tiffanie Bass Mosley 250

139 Pound Class
1.) Sabrina Anderson Mosley 285
2.) Makala Barton Altha 285

154 Pound Class
3.) Laura Schekenbach Mosley 235

169 Pound Class
1.) Rachel Torres-Brown Arnold 250
2.) Michelle Watson Bay 240

183 Pound Class
1.) Shelby Ramsey Arnold 285
3.) Alexandra Dubois Mosley 285

199 Pound Class
2.) Jade Sankey Arnold 300

Unlimited Class
2.) Christina Watson Altha 320
3.) Cambridge Chason Sneads 320

The attached video shows the following:

Altha's Morgan Allen among those who punched her ticket in the 129 class, she was first, this lift a press of 145 pounds.

Mosley hoping to send another big contingent to state for a second straight year, Laura McGree here on the clean and jerk, easily putting up 90 pounds, Laura not making state, but 7 of her teammates did.

Rutherford's Zipporah Williams with a clean of 110 pounds. She failed however to qualify for state.