Tiger Football

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Graceville may be a small Jackson County town, but this week everyone there has big hopes, and they're pinning those hopes on the Graceville High School football team.

From Graceville's grocery store to the outlet stores, Tiger pride is evident.

Will Holley, Graceville coach, says, "That's what's neat about a small town, everybody cheers for the same team, and this whole place is behind the Graceville Tigers."

They're so much behind their Tigers that five packed tours buses will head to Miami Thursday to support the Tigers in their quest for the 1-B state championship title.

The last time the Tigers won a state title in football was 1993, and these fans are eager to see it happen again.

Tommy Leuenberger, a Graceville Tigers fan, says, "We're really excited about it. It's been several years since they've been to the state championship and we're here to support our team."

In a town where almost everyone knows your name, accomplishments like competing for a state title can hardly go unnoticed.

Debbie Taylor, a Tiger fan, says, "I think it's one of the most exciting things that's happened in Graceville in a long time. Our whole town is behind our youths. We realize how much hard work has gone into this. Don't forget how much we support you. We love you. Go Tigers."

Next stop is Miami, and hopefully a state title.