Fisher Close to Naming Starting Quarterback at FSU

Tallahassee, FL---Jimbo Fisher seems to be getting closer to deciding who the starting quarterback for the Seminoles is going to be, at least going into the first game at Pitt.

Coach Fisher telling reporters in Tallahassee Monday he'll continue to evaulate Jameis Winston and Jacob Coker for three more days, through the team's Wednesday scrimmage. And after the play in that scrimmage has been broken down and studied, Fisher says he'll decide who it will be taking the snaps to start the game against the Panthers two weeks from Monday.

After an impressive showing in spring, most FSU fans believed Winston would win the job. Fisher though throughout the off season and into fall camp has maintained it's a two man battle, and both he says have played well so far this August.

They've shared equally the number of first team snaps in practice and Fisher says they're helping each other, adding "When one comes off and makes a play, they're high-fiving each other. But at the same time, he's running back on the field trying to make a play to top him. So it's pushing both levels of play up."

So it looks like we'll know Wednesday or Thursday.