New St. Joe Resident Talks About Winning $500,000

Bossier City, LA---It's no doubt going to be quite the nice ride home for the Tharp family as they eventually head back to their recently adopted hometown of Port St. Joe.

They'll be coming back from Louisiana later in the week following a very successful business trip for Randall Tharp.

Tharp, who about a month ago, moved his home and family from Gardendale, Alabama to St. Joe, winning half a million bucks this weekend when he won the Robert Wood Cup on the Red River outside Shreveport.

Tharp led after the first two days of weigh-ins, fell to second on Saturday but then yesterday hauled in 5 bass totaling 14 pounds, taking his four day total to 53 pounds, two ounces.

That turned out to be exactly 4 pounds ahead of reigning Forrest Wood Cup champion Jacob Wheeler of Indianapolis, who caught five bass weighing 14-3 for a four-day total weighing 49-2, which was second place.

Randall's wife Sarah on hand to help celebrate that big payday! Monday afternoon I spoke by phone with Tharp about what a difference those 4 pounds made!

"It's quite a big difference as far as money goes." Tharp told me. "First place in this event is $500,000 and second place was $75,000. So that's quite a big jump. I would have been disappointed to come up short again. You know it's been a whirlwind. I haven't had much sleep the last week. I've been running on three or four hours throughout the tournament. And now it's still going without much sleep. You know I don't think I could sleep if I tried to. I'm pretty jacked up still. I guess the adrenaline's still flowing a little bit. I caught a couple big fish yesterday and ever since then everything's been alright."

Randall and his family will head back home late in the week. They're still in the process of moving in to their new house. No doubt this makes all that much more tolerable!