Blount Bowden

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"It builds up every year, I think this year will mark a million dollar year for us and I think we may have 40 something students at Florida State that came as a result of this golf tournament and this fundraiser."

Seven scholarships were handed out Monday, for students from schools like Walton, Choctaw, Niceville, Fort Walton, and other area high schools.

Of course, the help of Seminole football stars of the past, like Corey Simon and Warrick Dunn, contributes to the success of this tournament.

Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn says he's always willing to come out and help a good cause, especially when coach Bowden gives him a call.

As for Bowden, this starts about a two-month stint of golf events and other booster fundraisers, something he enjoys doing.

"We have 25 Seminole booster banquets where we play golf in the morning, have a banquet that night and it's all in fundraising, so I enjoy playing golf so that'll start, I've got to go to Michigan Thursday, they're gonna give me a little trophy there and then after that we start the booster, I think starting in Polk County, then Daytona, then 25 of them, I'll be doing that until about June."