2nd Annual "C.H.A.M.P. Camp" kicks off at Graceville High School

GRACEVILLE, Fla- The "C.H.A.M.P. Camp" is a chance for youngsters in the area to get a instruction on football and life.

Thursday was the the first of two days of the 2nd annual "C.H.A.M.P. Camp" at Graceville High School. The camp is put together by Anthony "Champ" Kelly, a Graceville alum who's now the assistant director of player personnel for the Denver Broncos.

In the inaugural camp last July, about a hundred kids took part, similar numbers taking part again this time around.

Kelly running the camp with the help of area high school coaches as well as some former teammates like Bay High, and Kentucky alum Eric Kelly.

Champ Kelly has made the camp about more than just football instruction, he wants it to help instill the core values of character, heart, attitude, motivation and pride, hence the acronym "CHAMP."

"We're totally excited to get back out here at Graceville, having some of the returning campers, and we got a new crop of kids. A bunch of kids from Sneads came down here and we were excited to have them," Kelly said. "And getting a chance to reunite with some of these coaches who want to invest their time to help these kids out and help this community out."

Kelly commended his coaches for their support of the camp, and he believes they are what make the camp special.

"First of all we have great coaches who volunteer their time and they really get these guys pumped up and excited about doing drills. despite the heat, despite the time that we are out here, these kids are enjoying themselves and having fun," Kelly added. "You know we're taking several breaks to have speakers talk, get a little Popsicle and Gatorade in these guys. and they're ready to learn, and they're getting nourished by the knowledge of some of these coaches and the staff."

The camp wraps up Friday.

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