Panama City Beach Superboat Race

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The roar of these big engines can be heard all this weekend as Super Boat International Productions presents the Florida/national championship race.

20 plus boats just like these are taking part in this year's race.

Stan Weare of the Popeyes team is gearing up for the big race.
"We got Mercury helping us out with the boat. It's their little home town here, you know they are the best in the business and we're hoping to do good," Stan Weare, of the Popeye's Chicken team said.
You've probably seen these races on television, so you know these boats can fly across the water.
"We've had it 140 before, but it's on a kilo configuration it will do 140. This set up we will have will be 120-125, but we'll have fun. Whatever it will bring, it will be a good day!" Weare said.

The race isn't until Sunday. The beach is expected to be packed with fans to see this big race.

Sunday's race is set for noon.

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