31st Gulf Coast Triathlon Set for Saturday

Panama City Beach, FL---The weekend of Mother's Day always means a rather big sporting event for our area, the Gulf Coast Triathlon. Hard to believe the G-C-T is now in it's 31st year!

The 2013 Gulf Coast Triathlon is set for Saturday, once again the Boardwalk Beach Resort the host site, that's where the swimmers will hit the water for the 1-point-2 mile swim.

The cyclists will go west on Front Beach Road, north on Highway 79, do loops on Steelfield and Pine Log Roads and then back to the Boardwalk, 56 miles in all.

The run is half a marathon, 13-point-1 miles, east on Surf Drive and South Lagoon, into the State Park and back.

Shelley Bramblett is the Race Director, she's in charge of making sure it all goes according to plan for the athletes who have converged in Panama City Beach to run the GCT.

"We have a thousand competitors from all over the world, including Austria and Switzerland, all of the United States. We're thrilled to have them. With a thousand athletes who come to this event, they always bring their family and friends, so they probably bring about four to five thousand people in one weekend here, in a concentrated area and so the financial impact to the community is a couple million dollars, which is great in a shoulder season."

The race begins at 6:15, the finish line closes at 4. The link below shows the entire race course.