Hoopster: New Basketball Game Hits iPhone and iPod Touch

Red Knight Learning Systems, a leading developer of interactive learning solutions, based out of Dallas, Texas has just released Hoopster, their first entertainment game for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Get your hands, and fingers, on this 3D basketball game full of skill and action! Hoopster features a realistically rendered 3D basketball court, exciting sound and visual effects, and two action-packed modes of play.

Begin with “Quick Shots” - a fun, addictive, and realistic game that challenges you to shoot from 9 random locations on the court while collecting power-ups and racking up the points.

Before you hit the showers, take a spin around the “Shoot Around” court to perfect your shot and gain the advantage over your friends, family, and the world, through our global high score leader board.

This highly addictive casual sports game is set in a 3D basketball arena with real physics as well as intuitive accelerometer and touch controls for shooting and moving around the court.

“We wanted to create a game that had a very realistic look and feel and accurate basketball physics, while remaining easy to learn and play for casual gamers,” said Matt Johnson, CTO of Red Knight Learning Systems.

The game is filled with humorous feedback like “Bacon Time!” when you really get on a hot streak or large bricks falling out of the sky when things are not going so well.

Hoopster will appeal to a wide range of audiences with three different difficulty settings from Rookie to Pro.

“We hope the timing of Hoopster’s release in March will satisfy basketball and gaming fans looking for an inexpensive source of entertainment,” said John Purdy, President of Red Knight Learning Systems. “And, future updates and enhanced game modes are already in the planning stages.”

Red Knight is pleased to release this high quality entertaining sports game and challenges you to check it out in the Games section of the iPhone App Storehere.

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